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SpeakFactory provides translations into over 40 languages, helping you effectively engage your audience in every major international market. But language isn’t always the only bridge to gap. We also take into account cultural considerations to make sure your translation is locally relevant and accurately conveys your message. 

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Our Core Services

Text translation

Our team of professional linguists from around the globe provides high-quality translations within your required time frame. All translators are professional native-speakers of the target language. A minimum of two linguists check every translated word to ensure the highest level of accuracy. We embrace the use of industry-standard software, including termbases and translation memories.

Audio and multimedia localization

From marketing videos to web tutorials, we localize your multimedia content for your global audience. Services include multilingual voiceover, transcription and subtitling. We provide a comprehensive voiceover localization service, from script prep to voice selection to full audio editing, Our global talent pool gives you a wide range of options for your voiceover needs.

Multilingual layout and integration

Desktop publishing (DTP) is an integral part of localizing content for print or for online publication. We take into account the various design and typesetting factors as well as any cultural or language considerations to best lay out your localized content. We also provide comprehensive integration services such as integrating and syncing text and audio content for eLearning courses.

Our Solutions

eLearning solutions

Roll out your training and eLearning content to market with our comprehensive language services: •Our linguists carefully translate your text, following any style guides, glossaries or translation memories that are available. We provide glossary or style guide creation services before translation starts, and also manage your translation memory to leverage for future use. •For training content with audio requirements, simply choose your preferred voice, and we’ll manage the script preparation, pronunciation glossaries, audio recording and full editing. •We can integrate and sync your localized text and audio content into your desired format, delivering translated courses that are ready for your target market. •We work with a wide range of authoring tools and formats, such as the Articulate and Adobe suites. We can also provide localized subtitles for video content, if necessary.

Audio & Multimedia

From training courses to web video, we seamlessly localize your multimedia content into your required languages. •Choose your preferred voice talent for your audio recordings from our wide talent pool. •We handle all of the details, from script prep to casting to final audio editing. •Audio files will be split, named and formatted according to your requirements. •Transcription and subtitling are also available for a wide range of formats. •We offer flash integration, audio synching and similar services to provide you with a turnkey solution for localized multimedia content.

Documents & Print

Get accurate, locally-relevant translations and print materials with our document translation services: •All translation work is done by professional native-speakers of the target language, with a minimum of two linguists checking every translated word. •Our linguists are matched with specific projects based on their subject matter expertise (IT, marketing, etc.) •We embrace the use of translation technology to streamline and improve the translation process. These industry-standard tools, such as Trados and Wordfast, allow us to create Translation Memories (TMs) and Termbases (glossaries) to ensure language and style consistency across the translated content. Your TM can also be leveraged for your future projects to reduce costs and ensure consistency. •For print publications with graphic components, we take into account the various design and typesetting factors as well as any cultural or language considerations to best lay out your localized content. Graphics are localized and the layout is adjusted for text expansion, bi-directional text (such as Arabic reading right to left) or similar factors.


Your web-based content is likely the first point of contact with your customers, and a multi-language site opens up a much broader customer base: •When translating your website, our linguists adapt translated content to be relevant and relatable for your global customer. •We work with a variety of formats, from HTML, Flash and other rich media, to fully localize all aspects of your site. •Files are processed by our standard translation tools to ensure only the text for translation is changed without interfering with programming or code. •Linguistic texting and QA services checks for issues such as concatenation and text overexpansion to ensure full functionality in your localized site.

Software & Apps

When localizing software, special considerations must be made to ensure language changes do not affect the functionality and look of your site. •Before creating your software or app, we can advise you on localization best practices to make sure functionality is not affected when your content is translated. •Understanding the grammatical differences between your source language and target language(s) is key to avoiding issues like concatenation. •Text expansion should also be considered, especially for certain languages pairs. When translating from English to Spanish, for example, there is often a 20% expansion in the amount of text. Our linguists will also take this into account when translating to avoid any expansion issues in your final build. •To ensure the quality of your final product, we can work with you and your required platforms to create a test plan for linguistic and functional testing.

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About us

SpeakFactory was founded in 2012 by translation professionals with over 20 years experience in the language industry. Being a smaller sized company allows us to be extremely price competitive while still delivering top-notch services to our clients.

At SpeakFactory, we pride ourselves in our ability to create and keep strong relationships with our clients. We are proud to be a family-run business where every client is our most important client!  


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